The Secret To Your Dream Wedding Day

In case you haven’t heard I got married last week on 23rd October! It was a fantastic day that couldn’t have gone any better, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of our fabulous suppliers. Good suppliers really are the secret to a perfect wedding day, taking all the responsibility out of your hands and doing an amazing job so you don’t have to! If you’re planning a wedding, I can’t recommend any of the suppliers that we used enough – they helped everything to go so smoothly and created our dream autumnal wedding day.  Continue reading

Geeking Out

What’s the actual definition of a geek? They’re usually people who are super enthusiastic about certain hobbies – about a book series,  a tv series or a film or a kind of music. It can literally be anything that you feel a passion for, something that when someone mentions it you simply can’t not chip in.  Continue reading

Netflix & Blahhh

Does anyone else find that sometimes it’s really difficult to find the motivation to do the things you like? Hear me out. I love reading, I love writing fiction and I love getting involved in some Pilates or Yoga, yet when I get home sometimes I find myself totally zoning out on Netflix all evening and achieving nothing at all and I end up getting really frustrated at myself.  Continue reading

It’s Been A While: A Note On Time Management

SO, I haven’t posted in a while. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Here comes one of those “so sorry I haven’t posted in AGES guys I’m such a let down!” blogs. I’m afraid that’s not what you’re getting. What you’re getting is an unapologetic – I’VE BEEN BUSY, GUYS.

Sometimes you just need to cut something out to give yourself some room to breathe. I’ve always struggled to do that, all throughout my life. I love being busy, and I love taking on projects, but I’m an absolute nightmare for taking TOO much on. It’s hard for me to draw the line until I get super burnt out and just want to shut myself in the house for a week and not speak to anyone. So in the interest of not going totally cray, the blog was sacrificed.

It’s not all a downer, though! I’ve been up to some GREAT stuff… Continue reading

Why Read YA?

It’s the debate that everyone in the book world is talking about at the moment. From book bloggers to journalists, parents to young adults themselves – everyone seems to have an opinion on who should be reading young adult literature and why…including me.  Continue reading