The Call

Book Bitches: October – The Call by Peadar O’Guilin

So in case you’ve forgotten, Book Bitches is a 60-odd member strong book club that some friends and I dreamed up at the beginning of the year. I created our reading challenge for 2016, which means each month we’ve been put through the agony of reading any books from a particular genre, even if it’s a genre we know we hate. Tears have been shed, books have been thrown, only a few of us remain on the true path to Book Bitches success – but most of all we’ve been READING (and not the bitchy kind). In an indiscriminately obvious move, I chose Horror for the month of October. Continue reading

How Holly Bourne Taught Me About Active Feminism: The Spinster Club

Feminism is something that, hopefully, people are taught from being children – what it is (the absolute equality of the sexes), how it affects society, and how to spot when someone isn’t respecting your right to equality as a woman. While this might not have been the case for many of us growing up, it’s expected that nowadays most people have a basic understanding of Feminism and why every person should support it. Continue reading