The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti

When the email from Titan Books arrived about this book I was immediately excited. Urban fantasy is what I’m all about and the prospect of discovering supernatural Hollywood with protagonist stunt woman Lee was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up!

The first thing I noticed about the cover was that it came with a shining endorsement from Charlaine Harris (of True Blood fame!). If I hadn’t been tempted in by the synopsis, a sure fire way to get me interested in a book is an endorsement from one of my favourite urban fantasy writers.

One of my favourite parts of urban fantasies is learning the rules – how things are different to real life and how the supernatural elements blend in with ‘normal’ society. The Spawn of Lilith was packed full of smart world building and supernatural twists on the ordinary that made me excited to delve deeper into the world, not only the fantasy side of it, but the world of Hollywood stunt work too.

The setting is one of the best parts about this book. Getting a look behind the scenes of film sets was interesting in itself, throw in a few supernatural creatures and you’ve got a rich and diverse world that you just want to see more of.

Lee herself is a great protagonist to follow through this world. An intelligent character with a no-nonsense attitude to her work, you’re on board with Lee right from the start as she deals with life in the demon-eat-demon world of being a stunt double.

While the overarching story line takes right until the end of the book to kick off big style, Fredsti is setting up some big plot points ready to knock down in what I imagine will be hotly anticipated sequels in this series. It’s clever writing and focuses on absorbing you into a world rather than leading you through the bare bones of one simple plot line.

I for one can’t wait for more and can’t recommend The Spawn of Lilith enough for urban fantasy fans who love a main character with a smart mouth and plenty to lose.


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