Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices by Yvonne Navarro

I’ve always been aware that there are books written about the TV show Supernatural, but while I’m a huge fan of the TV series I’d never picked up one of the many books on offer. Then one day Titan Books left me an email giving me the opportunity to preview one of their latest additions to the Supernatural series and I knew it was time to give the books a go! 

This is a totally unique story, written by Yvonne Navarro, and is set during season 10 of the TV show. I had to give myself a quick refresh on the events of season 10 before I started the book – although I could probably have dived right in not knowing what had happened and still have enjoyed it just as much – but since I’m already a fan I felt as though I wanted to be fully prepared for this new adventure.

Supernatural is one of those phenomenons that people either feel nothing for or everything for, and the allure of the Winchester brothers plays no small part in that. Whether you’re a Dean or a Sam gal, if their looks don’t do it for you their witty quips and determination to be good in the face of all manners of evil will probably get you in the end. To prove my point, I was reading this book in the hairdressers the other week and my hairdresser immediately launched into a ten minute speech about how much she loves Dean – and I know she’s not the only one who feels that way. I was nervous, then, to read the books in case any of their shine and personality was lost in translation.

I needn’t have worried, as within the first page the voices of both Sam and Dean came through so strongly I was able to picture them perfectly. When you read a book, you sometimes visualise characters and scenes but in quite a vague sort of way. Having got to know the Winchesters in a visual sense over the past few years, reading this book was like watching an episode in HD – a quality that can in no small part be attributed to the fantastic writing of Navarro.

The adventure itself almost seems familiar, but only because it’s so classically Winchester. From the way that they research the story to the bonds they create with the victims and the way they deal with the supernatural forces at work, reading The Usual Sacrifices felt both comfortable and comforting and makes a great addition to what I’m sure is an already fantastic collection of additional Winchester adventures.

I might have to pick up a couple more Supernatural books in the near future!


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