For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. This happens every November, and challenges its participants to hit a 50,000 word target WITHIN that month. I completed it once, many moons ago when I had no job and thus a lot of free time on my hands. During July, they run Camp NaNoWriMo which encourages NaNo fans to set and hit their own target within the month of July.

This year I’ve signed up with the intention of adding another 10k to my current 20k word count total. I’d originally gone for 20k since it would be lovely to double my wordcount in just a month buuuuut I guess that was a little unrealistic. I’ve already talked about struggling to fit in lots of writing around general life at the moment so don’t want to overdo it, plus 10k would still mean I’m pushing myself way ahead of schedule.

I only (only, ha) need to write around 322 words per day to hit that target, so I’m feeling pretty comfortable about it, though I’ve spent all day faffing around tidying everything up on Scrivener (I was previously working in Word and while I prefer writing on that, it’s so much easier to keep track of who people are, where they’re supposed to be and what’s happened when with Scrivener). I’m going to try and get way ahead of target this weekend in any case to meet my 2k a fornight pact with Lou so I should probably stop blogging and actually get on with it…

Check up on my progress or add my as a CampNaNoWriMo friend here! 

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