Geeking Out

What’s the actual definition of a geek? They’re usually people who are super enthusiastic about certain hobbies – about a book series,  a tv series or a film or a kind of music. It can literally be anything that you feel a passion for, something that when someone mentions it you simply can’t not chip in. 

I am super guilty of this. When I love something, I LOVE it. Yet I also sometimes get embarrassed about how much I love them. “Do I come across like a geek wah wah wah.” But in the aforementioned spirit of not giving a fuck (see my post about online anxiety), here’s some of the things I’m a right bloody geek about:

Harry Potter
I have a Harry Potter wand and a Ravenclaw tie and like to know the Hogwarts house of any new friend I make. This is Very Important Information to me. I’ve read all the books to death and used to lie in bed for hours as a teen listening to the audio books. Me and a friend in school used to buy these mad theory books about Harry Potter and pick the whole thing to death to try and figure out where JK got her influences from – I feel like this set me in good stead for my English Lit degree. I’ve been to the Harry Potter worlds in Universal, to the studio tour (dressed as a Ravenclaw, obviously) and cried in front of a lot of people in the cinema when Snape died. I VERY recently watched A Very Potter Musical and am truly hurt that I can’t star in a version of it myself.

Of all kinds. Great and small. I love the classics like Les Mis, I’m often listening to soundtracks from musical episodes of TV shows I like (Once More, With Feeling I’m looking at you) and I know all of the words to all of the songs in Crazy-Ex-Girlfriend. I like to sing songs from the musicals in my car, and when Ste is not at home to save him the embarrassment.

Originally this was going to be ‘Drag Race’ because that’s where it all started. Boy did this one escalate quickly. From being shown the odd episode of RuPaul’s drag race here and there to binge watching it all in earnest last Spring, I now follow most of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race on most forms of social media, many queens who haven’t graced the show, and have avidly read up on/watched anything drag related, and have started spending all my money on tickets to see drag shows. They got me, they got me good. Fleeting interest this is not, I fear.

Not so much a geek about this I suppose as doing it literally all the time. I’m writing now, I write at work, I write in my spare time. I dedicated my undergrad and my postgrad to writing, and I’m not showing any signs of stopping yet.

So being a geek isn’t all obsessing over epic fantasy settings and heavy breathing! Who knew…


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