The Graces by Laure Eve

Let me just say, that I wasn’t prepared for The Graces. I’d seen tons of reviews for this book already, so I knew to expect a really good read and also some serious The Craft vibes – I was sold before the book even arrived on my doorstep. Yet none of the hype had adequately explained what a unique read I was in for…

The Graces didn’t grab me from the first page, rushing me through a high stakes plot full of action and magic being thrown around left right and centre. Instead, The Graces distracted me while it coiled around me then made sure I didn’t notice how absorbed I was in until it was far too late. Was it a comfortable read? No. Was it good? Hell yeah.

Everything about this book is misleading, from the title to the unreliable narration of the main character, River. Laure crafts a story that completely deceives you right until the last moment, leaving you with the overwhelming urge to reread the whole book to scour it for tricks you might have missed the first time round. It’s sickeningly clever, and a completely enviable tale that allows the reader the thrilling experience of getting to unravel the mystery of Grace family for themselves but keeps the real drama hiding in the shadows until the right moment.

Believe the hype! A beautiful, atmospheric book that packs a helluva witchy punch just at the right time. Also the cover art is BEAUTIFUL. Go, read, love.

One thought on “The Graces by Laure Eve

  1. wordsandotherbeasts says:

    This is actually the first positive review of this book I’ve seen! All I’ve come across so far is really negative reviews so it’s interesting that you’ve heard otherwise. I wasn’t planning on giving this book a go but I do have a sample of the first couple of chapters so, after your review, I might give the sample a read and see how I feel. 🙂

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