Book Bitches: September

This month I picked a book a friend bought me for my birthday – Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge. Having read YA specifically for a little while I found this a jarring return to the world of adult literature but a thrilling one nonetheless!

A classic crime thriller “chase the serial killer” plot, the narrative was intertwined with modern storytelling techniques including multiple and always shifting character perspectives as well as diary-like segments which encourages the reader to piece together clues and information themselves from the various character backgrounds. Arlidge does a fantastic job of withholding the right information until the right moment which is ultimately the defining talent of any thriller writer.

Most notable to me was the presence of multiple female characters in what is known to be a male dominated genre, and it was wonderful to see that this extended beyond the token strong cold hearted female policewoman stereotype to a broad range of colourful female voices and perspectives. The range and depth of all the characters is a credit to the author.

An exciting story that grips and horrifies you in equal measure (and is part of a series if you want to read more!) I’d fully recommend this book for crime lovers!

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